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Based on RM6.00 per kg, fruits weight can be more or less then 1kg. Final price based on net weight of the fruit.


Thai chili paste also called Nam Prik Pao is a slightly spicy, sweet, sour and salty paste which can be used in any Asian inspired dish. It's usually made with dried chili, garlic, sugar, shrimp paste and fish sauce.

泰国辣椒酱也称为 Nam Prik Pao,是一种微辣、甜、酸和咸的辣椒酱,可用于任何亚洲风味的菜肴。它通常由干辣椒、大蒜、糖、虾酱和鱼露制成。


Super fresh and good quality tiger prawn from local probiotic shrimp farm. About 5 to 7 inch per prawn. 

来自当地益生菌虾场的超级新鲜优质虎虾。每只虾约 5 至 7 英寸。